7 Shrimp Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Although Shrimp are America’s Favorite Seafood, there is so much we don’t know about these coastal crustaceans. Here are seven shrimp facts you probably didn’t know! For instance, did you know some shrimp are noisy? Several species of shrimp can make a snapping sound that is louder than any other marine noise by hitting their large and small pincers together. The noise is loud enough to stun or even kill some small fish.

Health Benefits of Seafood Consumption

While most U.S. consumers eat some seafood, the amounts are inadequate to meet federal dietary guidelines, according to studies conducted by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists. Both fish and shellfish, referred to as “seafood,” are nutrient-rich protein foods, and consumption has been associated with reduced heart disease risk.

Chinese shrimp contaminated by antibiotics

Today, Bloomberg Businessweek published an investigative report detailing how Chinese shrimp contaminated by antibiotics was routed through Malaysia, falsely claimed to be a product of Malaysia, and imported into the United States through those false representations.