Seafood City Spotlight: Boston, MA

In my short life, I have been fortunate enough to travel to many of the largest cities in the United States (6/10 of the most populous cities, which is not too bad). When our marketing team developed this concept of a “seafood city spotlight,” you would think New Orleans would have been my first thought, because The American Shrimp Company is based out of Baton Rouge. However, my mind went straight up to New England. I thought Boston would be the best city to highlight first.

Simply stated, I loved this city when I visited it two years ago. If I could, I would go back once a year. There are so many things to do! Although we did not have much time to be immersed in its rich history and culture, we were able to take in a couple Sox games and enjoy some of its delicious eats.

If you are unfamiliar, the city of Boston lies at the edge of Boston Harbor, which is an estuary of Massachusetts Bay. You can imagine how much seafood is readily available. It is everywhere. There is a countless list of restaurants specializing in oysters, fish, clams, among other seafood.

Based on some research, I have developed a list of the 10 Best Seafood restaurant destinations in Boston that you should check out on your next visit or even suggest to a friend.

  1. Union Oyster House – This Boston staple is also the oldest restaurant in America, enough said!
  2. Ostra – Rated the Best Seafood Restaurant in Boston in 2016 by Boston Magazine.
  3. Luke’s Lobster Boston – No. 2 on Trip Advisor’s Best Rated Seafood Restaurants in Boston.
  4. James Hook & Company – Located on Northern Avenue, this place sells fresh lobster and prepares it for you too.
  5. Neptune Oyster – Although on the pricier end, this is a must stop for lobster, and of course, oysters.
  6. Island Creek Oyster Bar – If you’re going to have one nice dinner out in Boston, it very well should be here.
  7. Summer Shack – Craving one of the best clam chowders in the city? Then, head on over to Dalton Street.
  8. Atlantic Fish Company – Is fish your seafood of choice? Well, it’s all in the name at this place, which is the seventh best seafood dining choice according to Trip Advisor.
  9. Boston Chowda – This take and go spot is located within the walls of the historic Faneuil Hall Marketplace.
  10. The Daily Catch – Its website’s tagline is, “Sicilian-Style Seafood & Pasta.” Italian + Seafood, what more could you ask for? Not a thing.

As one of the oldest cities in America, Boston is synonymous with American History. Since visiting, I have recommended it and always will. Although we sell shrimp, we will always have an appreciation for all seafood and the best seafood cities around the United States. Our next seafood spotlight will shine on the Big Easy, look for it toward the end of this month!