Top 5 Shrimp Pasta Dishes We Must Try

Type “Shrimp Pasta,” into Pinterest or Google. Do it. I dare you. Although, I had lunch about an hour ago, I am somehow hungry once again. From grilled to blackened, the results are endless. I don’t know about you, but there’s something intrinsically comforting about eating pasta. It reminds me of my Italian grandfather, and his red gravy made of times past.

As a whole, pasta is quite versatile. From the sauce to the protein, you can really make what you want of it. We recommend using our Headless Shell-On Wild Caught American Shrimp, which are especially great for any pasta dish. As for the pasta, there are so many different choices. Rotini, rigatoni, angel hair, fettuccini, there is a variety for you. Here’s the list of the five shrimp pasta dishes we are itching to try!